Confirmed.  Pituitary dependant cushings disease.  sigh.  So today I pick up a relatively new drug to see if we can just improve her quality of life.  This is a disease that is not cured.  It is just managed.  The drug is called Trilostane.  Instead of destroying the adrenal glands like the popular cushings drug lysodern, Trilostate works by inhibiting an enzyme that turns cholesterol into cortisol.  Excess cortisol is what causes all of the cushings symptoms.

So I will head out soon to pick up the drug and hope for the best.  Chanel IS 13 years old and has lived a great life.  I would love to have her around for a few more years but only if she can be a happy and content dog.  I don’t want her to exist and suffer only because I don’t want to loose her.