ARGH.  Took Onyx in today for blood work.  Only 12 days on the Azathioprine and her ALT (liver enzyme) went from a normal of <10 to near 700.  Caused by the azathioprine.  Unfortunately she already got her dose today.  So on Saturday will completely take her off this drug.  She will remain on budesonide and hopefully this will help her.  Her red count is also down (can also be caused by the immunosuppresant drugs) but her blood protein level is back in the normal range.  Last bloodwork it was really low and this is sign of severe starvation.  So, although she hasn’t gained any weight since last time (32 pounds) at least her protein levels are in the normal range.  Her stools have been pretty good today (and by that I mean no projectile diarrhea).  She SEEMS to be digesting food now.  I will up her intake to see if she can handle a few more calories.