This girl is just amazing.  I think most other dogs would have given up and died.  She is still a bag of bones.  She had 2 very bad nights with explosive diarrhea.  But today has been a good day for her and she acts like nothing is wrong.  Today I have just fed her hamburger.  Cooked, very lean burger.  She is on metronitidzol again but a lower dose.  She only weighs 32 pounds so drugs affect her differently than if she weighed her good weight (which is probably around 50 pounds, which she has never seen).  I cut back a wee bit on the budesinode to see if that would cut down on her water drinking just a tad.  These steroids really make them drink a lot of water.  But in her case it becomes a horrid cycle.  Drink a lot of water…go out and have that water course through her body and shoot out the other end…come back in…drink more water…well, you get the picture.

So far today she hasn’t had any diarrhea.  A small loose stool (which for her is great) and isn’t drinking a ton of fluids tonight.

Keeping the hope.