Whew….this is hard watching this dog.  I thought sure that yesterday she had given up.  A couple of days ago she threw up her meals.  Then just wouldn’t eat.  I thought that was the end…..Don was getting home Thursday night and I thought she might be waiting for him.  I had a call into my vet to bring her out for bloodwork and see if there was anything else we could do…..well, Don got home last night and Onyx had a pretty good night.  This morning she drank a bowl of broth, kept it down and was being WAY chipper.  Running around carrying her bone and seeming quite happy.

I took her out to the vet.  She hasn’t lost weight in the last week (which I was sure she had and I was actually afraid to weigh her here at home!)  She is dehydrated though.  So I left her there and they were going to put an IV in her and re-hydrate her all day.  They will leave the catheter in and we will continue to give her fluids that way all weekend.  It is nice that Don is back home to help with all the dogs chores.

We are going to try ANOTHER dog food for her too.  A low residue food.  And after seeing what her bloodwork is today we will probably put her back on azathioprine.  The vets say that this is the only thing that is going to pull this dog through.  Gosh , I just hate drugs with such bad side effects.  But we are at our wits end with Onyx and praying that she will get through this and have many happy years.