WOW…what a different dog we have.  After leaving her at the vet on Friday and having them put in a catheter and IV fluids all day she came home a renewed dog.  I knew she was dehydrated and although not severely so, just having her revitalized all day made a world of difference.  I always remember that from a human stand point.  If I am feeling sluggish I know it is probably because I haven’t had enough water throughout the day.  But with Onyx’ bad diarrhea and then her day of vomiting, that really did her in.

So she came home with the catheter and another new food (which seems to be working WAY better than any other food we have tried lately) which is a low residue food.  We were supposed to give her several hundred ml’s of Ringers the next 2 days, slowly through her catheter.  But she had different ideas.  After leaving the catheter alone all day and night she decided to try and take it out herself…..Don took her to the After hours vet and they tried to flush it but she had chewed it and they took it completely out.  So now we are putting sub Q fluids into her and she is still being quite chipper.

So, again…I have a ton of hope.  Maybe more now since she seems WAY better mentally.  She is back on the azathioprine but smaller doses every other day.  She is also on a probiotic now.