Onyx has been doing pretty darn good!  She seems to be processing most of her food.  Still not solid stools, but at least not liquid diarrhea.  They are more like cow patties. The canned Iams Low Residue seems to be working for her.  The best thing is that she isn’t going outside (or spewing in the house) a dozen times a day.  We are still giving her subQ fluids every night.  She gets 300-400 ml.  The second she sees us getting that IV bag though she RUNS.  No one likes to be poked with a needle.  But she is a good patient and very calm and accepting.

Her picture doesn’t even look as bad as she actually is.  At her worst (just a few days ago!) I could fit my 2 hands fingers to fingers around her middle.  And at 31.8 pounds we wondered how she could still be living.  BUT…she has gained a couple of pounds over the last several days and is very chipper.  We are hoping that this trend continues.  Our big hope is that eventually we will be able to decrease her high doses of steroids to a level where she isn’t having any side effects (like elevated liver enzymes) but still process and gain much needed weight.