Onyx has been on her chemo drug now for over a week.  So far we have seen no adverse side effects.  But we have also seen no improvement!  She just doesn’t gain weight.  So just a couple of days ago I started adding a can of the low residue food to her normal “no meat” food that she has been eating for a month.  She is getting 4 cups of that a day plus now a can of food.  They are split into 2 feedings.  She is handling this quite well,  Her stools haven’t changed (they still aren’t that great….not diarrhea but they look like small cow patties) which was my greatest fear.  I’m hoping that with a few added calories that she will start to put on some weight.  She is still her usual chipper self. 

Dogs ARE amazing in this respect.  They live so in the moment.  If a human being was going through what she is, there would be moaning, complaining, sitting around or sleeping a lot.  Onyx just keeps charging through life with her wonderful energy and happy attitude. 

Chanel continues to do well.  She doesn’t have the energy that she used to have.  But she is 13 years old and although her health is good, I think the toll that cushings or addison puts on a dogs body definitely is reflected in their energy levels and ability to do what they used to.  Chanel ran all last winter in a skijor team but she won’t be running this winter.  One of her biggest happinesses is laying under my feet while I am snacking at the computer, just praying that I will “accidentally” drop a treat to her.