Update January 2013.  Cowboy is running great.  He would do well in a recreational team.  He has blossomed in his maturity and experience.  Please ask at the front desk at the shelter if you would like to meet Cowboy.

Update December 2010.  Cowboy is in private shelter foster care.  His foster person says he is doing great in a team.  Still quite shy but the dog loves to run.

Update Oct 12.  We ran Cowboy in an 8 dog team.  He kind of knows what it is all about but with his being so skittish he is a bit hard to handle.  For being a dog that supposedly has run distance races, this guy wanted to turn around as we were putting him in the team.  Kind of hard to get him to face forward so we could hook his gangline on.  But once he was in the team he did his job without complaint.  He has fairly good speed to him although right now he is quite chunky.  When he trots he paces.  Cowboy is one of these dogs that once you get going he does his job and you don’t know he is in the team.  No trouble.

Cowboy is on house O.  He is a very shy and skittish dog.  Not well socialized.  He supposedly has come from good bloodlines but didn’t like small children.  He knows “up on your house” and with small slow movements you can approach him.  He will need a gentle hand to overcome his fears.  We will run him next week.

UPDATE Feb. 27. Although Cowboy hasn’t been run much this winter he has been a great dog to have around. He was running great last winter and am sure he will continue this trend. Although he is shy, he can be let loose around the foster’s home and always comes for treats. He never runs off. Would be great in a rec team with a patient person.