It has been 3 weeks today that Onyx has been on Leukeran, the chemo drug.  She has no signs of improvement but she has no signs of getting worse.  Although one bad thing is that her hematocrit is dropping.  So our vet had a call in to the Seattle specialist on which way to go next.  Leukeran often takes 3-5 weeks to show improvement but do we wait another 2 weeks and let her blood continue to get worse?  That is the question right now.  Seems like we have tried just about everything.  This drug, to me, was kind of the last hope…..but I guess there are other drugs that can be tried so we will wait to hear back hopefully today or tomorrow.

Onyx continues to be the loving, high energy dog that we adore.  It is not easy seeing her like this.  Especially as winter approaches and although she is a total house dog she loves to go out and run around the yard for several hours.  Just more energy needed to keep warm.  Energy that she shouldn’t have to expend!!  She still has a lovely black shiny coat, but her undercoat never came back in after she shed in the spring.  Probably too much expenditure for her body to go through.