Copper is our newest foster dog.  He is a super nice dog.  Runs great.  Very powerful and strong.  He is a very social dog that gets along with everyone.  These first 2 pictures are him at the shelter.  We brought him home and got to run him a couple of times on the 4 wheeler before his neuter.  He did great.  After his neuter a couple of days ago he is now living in the house with a lot of our other dogs.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He has gotten the hang of the steps and has to learn to keep his feet off the counters.  So many new things from a totally outdoor dog that has been chained up most of his 3 years, to a house dog that is also going to be a working dog in Wyoming as soon as we can find him a ride down there.  He will be living with 3 other dogs and will fit right in with their scooter training in the fall and their skijoring in the winter. 

Here are some pictures of him at home.  Misty has become quite the play friend of his.  The blurry picture is them just going wild in the house.  He loves to play and gets along with everyone.

So, one of the big reasons that I am writing this is that I would truly love to find a home for Copper’s brother.

Todd is STILL at the shelter.  He is a houndy boy with a great personality.  He would also easily fall into being a pet dog that loves to work.  A skijor home would be perfect for him.  He is very strong.  He isn’t top end sprint speed but is plenty fast to be in the top of most of our local skijor races.  He gets along with other dogs and loves people.  I sure hope that Todd finds a great home too.

 Todd is a sweetie!