I am calling Onyx our little miracle dog.  I hate to jump the gun and yell from the roof tops but Onxy is doing GREAT.  We took her off all meds except for 1 mg of budesonide every other day.  Plus a B12 shot once a week.  She is still eating her Vegan dog food plus skinless boiled chicken twice a day.  But the girl is gaining weight.  And gaining at a quick rate.  Just last week she gained nearly 2 pounds.  I weighed her today and she is up to 39.8 pounds.  She doesn’t feel totally bony any longer and actually is looking quite healthy.

So, not sure WHY!??!!  Did the Leukeran do something?  The high doses of budesonide for the last year?  Or her body finally catching up with a food she can process?  Whatever is going on we are grateful. 

She has had her ups and downs before but I am thinking this might continue.  At least I am praying so.  Her last bloodwork was excellent.  Pretty much right down the middle of normal.  Always thankful for our dogs health and Onyx is one that Don and I and Dr. Lovely have really worked hard to figure out her problems.