Well, Don hit on another hint for the well being and weight gain of Onyx.  In the last couple of weeks her stools were getting more “splatty” again.  She is maintaining her weight and even gaining a little (she was up to 42.6 pounds a few days ago). 

We both noticed how “greasy” the chickens seemed to be that we were boiling.  We always take off all the skin and fat before we give it to Onyx….but Don suggested boiling the already boiled chicken to remove even more of the fat.  Seems to be working.  Because of Onyx’ disease, she is very sensitive to fat in her diet.  So this seems to be working and her stools the last couple of days have been almost “normal”.  Actually formed!! 

So, we continue to have great hope for a full recovery although she will always be on a special diet.