At the moment we have 3 foster dogs in the house.  Copper (who leaves early Tuesday morning for Wyoming), Sassy, a 1 year old black pointer mix, who is looking for a home and Chino who we just picked up today from the borough shelter.  She is a 35 pound black pointer mix with white toes and pointy ears.  She is a wild girl that LOVES to play.  We have had quite an exciting afternoon with the 3 dogs playing nearly non stop.  Copper is probably around 3 years old and Chino is probably not even a year old.  So lots of puppy energy.  I haven’t been able to get any good pictures yet but I will try to get some posted soon.

Chino will be spayed on Monday and go to her new home.  She is just an all around super nice girl.  She isn’t housebroken yet but we are working on that.  This is just her first day here and she has settled in with the crowd nicely.  She comes when she is called and just loves people and other dogs.  Sassy is a bit standoffish in the house but more comfortable outside showing affection.  We let her “do her thing” in the house and never pressure her to be out and about.  In just a few days she is opening up and is right now laying at my feet.

Chino seemed to understand getting in the car and the porch step.  She came right into the house.  Although she was found as a stray out in North Pole, no one claimed her.  But I have a feeling she was a pet of someone.  She likes crates….just goes right in ours that are around the house (we always leave the doors open but some dogs just like to den) and in fact she was curled up with Star in one of the crates a little bit ago.  I think Star was a little confused!  (Star is 15.5 years old and likes her own space).  I am just always amazed when such a nice stray ends up at the shelter and no one claims them.

So, after 5 straight hours of play only interrupted by feeding, everyone is calm tonight.  It has been a long day for us humans just keeping up with their interactions and wild antics.  A very fun day.  We should all sleep well tonight.