It’s been awhile since I wrote an update on Star and Onyx.
Star is still kickin’. She is pretty amazing. Her will to survive and continue on in life. 17 years 6.5 months old. Still eating weird food but the last couple of weeks she has started to drink the rich meat broth we give all the dogs on winter mornings. This is a change for her because she wasn’t touching anything with meat in it! Her evening meals still vary. Such as last night when she ate a little salad, 2 white flour tortillas and a little ice cream.
She likes Yummy Chummies too.

Onyx has had a bad couple of months. After doing so well for quite awhile she started crashing again. Diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy. Back to the vet for bloodwork and stool samples. Looks like she has both hookworms and giardia. yikes! My dogs have rarely had worms (except occasional tapes) but we wormed the whole yard with Strongid and are giving Onyx a 4 day dose of Panacur for the giardia.
We also took her off budesonide and put her on Vetalog. Her stools are looking good again (a rarity) and hopefully she will gain weight back. It has been a roller coaster for her. But through it all she remains the sweetest and most accepting dog. Nothing much phases her.