My little girl is gone. 16 years and 8 months old. I had her for nearly 15 years. I had her when I owned my bed and breakfast (she was a great friend to all my visitors), lived in a cabin without running water or indoor plumbing on Love Road and here at my current home. She was a tiny girl weighing around 32 pounds. Star lost her front leg to a pick up truck when she was 2 years old. She never knew she was handicapped and still skijored with me until she was around 8 years old. When she was loping all out no one could tell she was missing a leg until I would stop and then people would stare in amazement and awe that this little dog could still do something that she loved.

She was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2011. She was given 3 weeks to live. Of course, dogs don’t listen! nearly a year later she decided that it was time to go, not 3 weeks.

She was in renal failure and it was a challenge sometimes to find something that she would eat. But she survived on many different foods over the months.

She had a very rough Thursday. I thought sure she was going to die in my arms. But she slept peacefully all night and ate a few different things on Friday. On Saturday she decided that my bowl of cheerios with craisins and yogurt were pretty tasty so she ate all of that. Then she had a salad for lunch. But she was frail and was having a hard time getting around. She seemed to be thirsty but really couldn’t drink much. I think we all knew it was her time. Dr. R. came up and we peacefully let her go.

I can only think that now she is off on her next adventure with all 4 legs and a healthy appetite. I will miss her dearly. She has been the dog that was with me the longest of all my sled dogs so far.

Rest in Peace little lady. We love you.