OK….having this many dogs in the house (14) with temps the month of Jan. staying from 20 to 45 below…well, cabin fever has taken over. Here is an example of my life at the moment..
Pixel! Bring that dog bed back. NO don’t chew the stuffing out of it…where did you get it from? It goes back in this crate…now what do you have? Towels from the other crate? Chance likes to sleep in there- she doesn’t want your drool all over them…Bonsai! Please don’t chew the fuzz off your tennis ball…oops too late….(throw tennis ball in trash…get another tennis ball)..Bonsai! What are you doing digging under the couch? oh….2 tennis balls under there. Ivy wants to go out? OK..who else? 6 dogs out…4 minutes later 3 dogs back in. 5 minutes after that 1 dog back in 5 dogs out. 6 minutes later 3 dogs in 1 out. This is a math question…how many dogs are still outside? ha ha.

Who just chewed a hole in my blanket? Everyone looks guilty. Is someone in the utility room? what is going on? WHY are you pealing up the linoleum. ARGH…there is a big chunk on the bed. Where did this stuffing come from? HEY..that was a new dog bed.
Is that scratching at the door again? Who needs to go out? Someone coming in? I thought everyone was back in? Oh Loon! What do you have? Frozen poop! oh lovely. No kisses from you. Who puked straw in the bedroom? Please don’t eat it again Mardy.

How about a kong? Look how many we have? NO one wants to play with a kong? here are more tennis balls. I will toss them down the steps. Zorba….we don’t eat tennis balls, can I have that one back?

Look at the dogs in the dog barn! THEY aren’t chewing up their beds…they are grateful they have them. I guess they are getting a bit more tired with all the times we are forcing them to go out and pee and run around.
See, we aren’t forcing YOU all to go out and get cold and tired. OK…let’s do that. Everyone, house dogs and barn dogs. Time for afternoon hour romp and feeding.

Chores done, dogs all fed. Everyone crashed out.

Bonsai! what do you have? Pixel, what is in your mouth? Where did the 2 of you get these pieces of plastic? Does anyone sleep around here?