Our poor girl. Geesh…to have lived most of her life with this bowel disease. And we just can’t get her stable. She still doesn’t know she is pretty sick. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. For the past 46 days we had her on Atopica (cyclosporine) but she was getting worse and worse. Her diarrhea was increasing although her weight has been stable at 38 pounds.

So we decided to try prednisone again. This is her first day and so far she is doing exactly what she did before on it….she drinks so much water and has so many blowouts that I worry about severe dehydration. We will give her IV fluids if she continues much longer. The vet said to at least try it for a week. It IS the drug for this disease. But if this continues she will be dead in a week.

We will see how she does tomorrow and go from there.

sigh. She is the most gentle, loving dog. She didn’t deserve this in her life.