UPDATE March 28th.  JJ has been adopted.  I had exhausted all of my possibilities and thought that he would be euthed.  I am hoping that it is a very happy home for him.  He is a cool dog.

JJ is a solid boy, one of the 4 that came in together. His sibling is probably Jonni. He ran great. Very enthusiastic and loved to go. For some reason though, once we turned around, he seemed to cramp up and we had to carry him on the 4 wheeler. We checked him all over back at the truck and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. The shelter will have a vet look at him to see if they can find anything.

JJ is a super nice boy. Friendly and calm. With his drive and hoping that nothing major is wrong with him, he could make a good skijor or team dog that would love to lay at your feet at night. He has his dew claws and a very short coat.

JJ is inside at the shelter.

UPDATE March 1
JJ was a star at the Shelter Fund fund raiser at Warwick Glass Studio on Saturday. He loved everybody. Was very calm and quiet. Lots of pets from kids and he got along the best of all the dogs we had there. Just an easy going fellow that would love an active home.
Here is a picture of him looking very happy at the fund raiser.

update! March 14th. I ran JJ in a 2 dog skijor team with a solid command leader today. He has good speed and after a tentative start really loved to go. He is a hard worker and pulled hard. We got into a little tangle and he dropped back with some fear, but after getting straightened out he was right out front pulling hard. He will need a gentle hand and a few 1 or 2 mile skijors to start off with, but he has great potential for skijoring. He is very strong.