Miles is one of 4 from the same kennel that came into the shelter. All 4 are healthy and friendly. Miles is probably the most timid. He has the best coat of all these houndy mixes. All 4 ran great (but more on JJ in his post) and would do well in any sort of home. They are all housebroken and used to being around people.
Miles did a super job of keeping up with this fast sprinty team. We were probably going a bit too fast for him but his tug was never slack. We ran him in lead and he was tentative but kept his line tight and stayed out front.
Miles will need a gentle person and will blossom with patience and confidence.
Miles is inside at the shelter. He has his dew claws.

Update March 14th. I ran Miles in a 2 dog skijor team today. He was with a strong leader but he loved to go. Tentative at first because he was confused being in a “team” with only 2 dogs total….but he kicked right off and away we went. We got into a tangle when he went behind Chance and then stepped over the neckline, but he was fine with me untangling and heading on down the trail. He is a super sweet, but shy boy that will need a gentle hand and some confidence. He is also a super good cab dog! Loved to ride in front.

Update March 15th.  Miles got adopted!