Last week I had harnessed Bonsai and let him pull me around the parking lot by his harness. It helped that he was chasing his ball.
I had to laugh when I saw this picture that Don took. In the background is Ivy checking out the Creamer’s trash can!

Today was the day that we decided to put Bonsai in a skijor team. I hooked up Jenny in lead. Jenny was a shelter dog that is a great leader and will run singly. Bonsai was in line behind her. We only did less than half a mile, but I had tears in my eyes watching this little guy run. He pulled hard, never cared that the skis and me were behind him and loved to go. He had a blast. He is still a tiny boy with not a lot of power, but that doesn’t matter as his heart and drive lets him have a ton of fun and that husky instinct to pull is there. We will continue to do short runs for awhile as he builds strength.