UPDATE April 13th.  We ran Cronus in a 6 dog team today.  This boy is just a puppy.  He really didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing but he never quit, never on his neckline.  With some patience, he will get it and make a wonderful rec/skijor dog.  He has a very nice gait and had fun.  He loves to follow you around the yard so I bet he would make a great running and hiking buddy.  He is on house N.

 Cronus is a young boy (1.5 years) that has barely been harness broken.  He can be a tad shy to start with, but once he knows you he is sweet and affectionate.  He is a bit of a larger boy, but still only 50 pounds or so.  He has his dew claws.  We will run him soon.

He is the lone husky out in the shelter back yard at the moment.  He sure would like to go home with someone!