UPDATE April 30.  We ran Yellow (can someone please rename this dog!!) in a 6 dog team.  This guy is super friendly, loves people and is a happpy go lucky boy.  Unfortunately, his body just doesn’t fit well with being a sled puller.  Long, lean and lanky, his legs, back, hips and knees aren’t structurally built right.  Maybe he was over run as a puppy or something…..just can’t tell with these guys.  But he would love a home where he could run or possibly even skijor short distances.  He would love you forever!

This boy came in with 3 dogs (see Dog on House M).  He is a sweet, gregarious boy and we can’t wait to run him.  He is a bit mouthy with food, but he is pretty hungry.  He is very thin but full of energy and happiness.