I’ve written about Kiche before, but she warrents another post.  When we got her many years ago, she was terrible shy.  You couldn’t pet her or touch her in any way.  If she was loose, there was no way you could catch her.

Fast forward many years and Kiche is the dog that follows us around the yard.  yap yap yap (she is very vocal)…pet me pet me pet me…

If I sit down she is always right there for pets.  She is still unsure if you take your hand over her head and down her back, but as long as she can see where you are going….then she loves the rubs.  Ears, eyes, muzzle, neck, shoulders, back.  She just takes it all in and wants more. 

I love to see a dog like this, nearly feral and untrusting, come around to be a friendly and happy dog.  She still won’t let strangers pet her, but in our yard she is more of a “normal” dog than a shy, untouchable one. 

We sure do love her.

Millie beside her will be 13 this year and also was once a very shy dog.  She is super outgoing now!