UPDATE:   May 3.  All of the dogs have been placed.

Below are pics of dogs that found themselves with an elderly owner who can no longer care for them.  Before taking them to the shelter we will try and place them in loving homes.  The 4 big dogs are probably all siblings.  They are probably 7-9 years old.  Still very healthy.  They are all super friendly.  They used to run but haven’t been run in years.  They are all spayed and neutered. 

These dogs are all super friendly and outgoing.  They are big dogs, more the traditional husky than the current day smaller distance dog.  They probably weigh 60-70 pounds.

There is also SnowBall.  She is not a sled dog.  She ended up at the current home from a divorce situation.  She is SO friendly.  I love this little girl.  A ball of love and enthusiasm.  She is a tiny white fluffy girl with a ton of personality.