We have 2 foster dogs here right now.  Crunchy and Ice.  Crunchy has been in the Iditarod and went to Nome.  She is around 6 years old.  Ice is a young pup around 2 years old.  Both dogs are super friendly and have wonderful personalities. (I just never understand why people turn in such wonderful dogs to the borough shelter!)  They have met a lot of our dogs and soon we will probably let them run with some of them in the yards.  They like Bonsai but for the moment, they are just loving living off a chain and getting to run around a huge fenced in area.  Ice still needs to get spayed but they will soon fly off to their new home in the NE.

We are enjoying having them here.  They are the 2 of the quietest dogs we have ever had.  They are living in side by side pens right now with the morning and afternoon romps in the large yards.  Fun times.