UPDATE: Ginger was pulled into the Second Chance League and will be flying to her new home in SE Alaska on the 18th.  She is going to be a super happy companion husky with a very active lifestyle.


Ginger is a very shy girl that is around 2 years old.  She does not want to be a sled dog.

We love Ginger.  With patience and love she would come around to be your devoted best friend.  She wags her tail a lot and you can see that she really wants to come out of her shell, but the shelter is not the place for her to spend very much time as sudden movements and loud noises frighten her.  As you can see from her picture, she was very relaxed at the truck.  But when it came to being in a team, she just didn’t like it.  If you want a devoted husky that will bond to the right person, please check out Ginger.


Ginger(blurry) Sorry this was so blurry.  But best picture that I took of her inside.