Don and I tried to tire out the puppies today.  Don took Bonsai for a 6 mile run.  He was in harness and Don was in his skijor gear.  I took Pixel and left first with Pixel on a leash.

Once Don caught up and passed us, Pixel went crazy wanting to keep up with Bonsai.  I am way slower than Don so Pixel and I turned around on St. Pats and headed back up and to the top of Henderson Road which comes out at Ester Dome Road.  Then back home (7 miles).  Pixel is quite hard to run with on a leash.  It would probably be worse with skijor gear because she does sudden stops, turns, goes behind me, leaps up to my face, pulls out front….it was quite the athletic endeavor juggling Pixel, guarding that my arm wasn’t pulled out of the socket, plus being aware of her abrupt stops and leaps.

Are they tired?  These 2 pictures were taken after we got back.  Both were still full of energy but I think as the day goes on they will both take a hard nap!  A fun day for sure with 12 degree sunny skies.