all3dogs dogsatfence Grover Jack2laying MessiahThe big white boy is Jack.  He is 2 years old and has been through some rough times.  Jack really wants to be a pet.  He is very sweet and gets along with kids and cats.  He is a big boy and should have another 10 pounds on his frame.  I love this dog and I only just met him.  He loves being in the house and is very settled in a crate.  He may have some elbow dysplasia that will be further researched before he goes to his forever home.  He will not make a running dog.

Grover (big happy boy in the pic with 3 dogs at the fence) is probably the healthiest of the 3 dark boys.  He has good weight on him although his tail is very bare.  These dogs were all physically ignored and became very thin but they are well on their way to recovery.

Messiah is the thinnest.  He has more dark on his face.  Jackson is doing great and is a bit more mellow than the other 2 dark boys.  Grover is the only one that is neutered.  The dogs will be neutered before going to new homes.

These dogs are being cared for at Chena Ridge vet clinic.  But the clinic would LOVE to find foster homes for them as they continue to get better.  Chena Ridge will continue to care for them even in foster care until a forever home can be found.

If you think you would like to foster one of these dogs for awhile please call 479-0001 and arrange a time where you can meet the dogs or contact me for more information.  Thanks!