Pixel here…..Wow…what a wonderful walk we had today.  Well, Carol was running or trying to as I wrecked havoc on her run. I had a blast.  We took off from home with my 3 friends Misty, Blackberry and Ivy.  34 degrees with crusty trails.  It was hard going but OH what fun.  I ran and ran and ran.  I like to stay with the pack though and the most fun is when I get out ahead….stop quickly, turn and run as fast as I can back to Carol ending with a flying leap in the air towards Carol’s face.  I hit her chin pretty hard once and I laughed and laughed.  The most fun was when she started chest or stomach bumping me.  As I would dash back she would stick out her chest as I was leaping up and we would do a really cool chest bump.  I think that is great fun.  Carol might have some bruises though….

Once the other girls got a bit tired they all like to walk behind Carol.  Geesh.  What kind of fun is that??  So I decided to try and run behind her too.  WOW.  Even more fun.  As she was running I could bump along on either leg.  run bump run bump run bump run bump…well, you get the idea!  And as she would raise her back leg running I would often put my neck on her calf.  ha ha ha ha.  But really the most fun was what I called the “weave.”  I could run through her legs, stop quickly in front of her then weave around one side and back to the back.  It was often fun running along with my head between her calves, bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk…wow…that made me dizzy and I think it annoyed Carol just a little bit.  She might have some bruises on her legs too.  humph.  She said something about not running with me any more….just walking.  That doesn’t sound as much fun as today, but any time I can get out with the girls is a grand time.

So we did the boat loop today.  Sunny and 34 degrees.  Hard to get off the trail as I could daintily (yes I can run daintily!) run on top of the crust then kawomph, through the crust I would go and have to struggle to get back on the trail.  I think that Misty, Blackberry and Ivy find me annoying at times but they are my good friends and don’t give me too much grief for my exuberance.

Carol did manage to get 1 picture of me sitting.  We stop for treats occasionally and I have learned to sit nicely and share with the other girls. We are such good dogs.  ha ha.

I’m tired but am so looking forward to our next outing.

Pixel signing off.  Arf Arf.