Update June 1st: Mariah has been adopted.


Mariah is a delightful dog.  She is sweet and loving and actually knows commands such as “sit”.  We are amazed that no one has claimed her after she was caught.  We ran her in a 5dog team today (May 24) and it would be my guess that she has never been in harness.  She picked it up quickly and did a fine job.  She isn’t a super fast sprint dog but has plenty of speed and a great attittude.  She is very young so has a lot of mental growing to do.  She would make a great pet if given good exercise and mental stimulation.  This girl can jump a 6 foot fence and knows how to let herself out of unlocked gates.


MariahMariah had been on her own in the North Pole area for 5 months so has learned to be very resourceful.  When I first met Mariah inside in her pen she was wary and barky.  But once outside this girl showed her affection and personality.  She is a super nice girl that loves people!!  I wouldn’t have known that from looking at her through her wire cage.  She was finally caught in a live trap and is now awaiting a patient home.  She is thin but has a beautiful coat and great teeth.  She is young.  I bet she would love to be a skijor dog or go on a long trail run with you!  She is a climber and can climb fences.  But I bet once she bonds with you she would want to stay at your side.  A pointer/husky mix without dew claws, she probably came from someones sled dog kennel.