Update February 1:  Lancelot got adopted.  We wish him well.

Update January 11th: Lancelot is now neutered and awaiting his wonderful active home.  Won’t you be that home?  He loves to be with people and would make a wonderful pet for someone how is active.

Update January 7th, 2014: We tried running Lancelot today in a 5 dog team.  He was confused about what was going on.  He has never been in harness before.  If we had a bigger team we would have kept on down the trail and I know he would have felt that tug and pulled like crazy.  But with a small team we had to take him out for now.  We will try another time.  He is a SUPER friendly boy.  Would make a great pet if he gets enough exercise.  He has floppy ears and split blue eyes.  He is such a nice boy.  We all just love him.


Lancelot is one of 6 dogs (4 males and 2 females) that came in from Delta Junction.  They are all super friendly 2-3 years old with great social skills.  We don’t think they have ever been run but we are going to try and get them out soon.  They all have their dew claws and are distance type dogs.  With their friendly personalities they would all make great pets if given enough exercise and stimulation.  Some are siblings.  Lancelot is bi-eyed and is on house P.Lancelot