Update Jan. 29th: After showing off her excellent one dog skijor skills at Creamers yesterday with her potential adopter, Sparky was adopted.  A great home.

January 7th 2014: Sparky is a pointer mix that LOVES to run. We ran her in a 5 dog team today. She was turned into the shelter from a 2nd owner who had her only a few days.  They said she wouldn’t run lead and they wanted a leader.  I’m not sure why they just didn’t return her to the original owner…We didn’t get the chance to run her in lead but she is a gonzo driven dog and I bet with a bit of patience she would make a great leader.

The shelter was told she was 3 years old, but she is closer to mid-age.  Maybe around 7.  She is super friendly and loves to run.  She self loaded into the truck and definitely knows what she is doing.  We probably weren’t going fast enough for her.  She pulled hard and fast.  She would love to be your skijor/pet.  She is housebroken and gets along with other dogs.