“HEY!”  the dogs are saying…”HEY HEY!”  “Look a stranger in our midst.  Who stopped here?  This isn’t one of us.  I wonder if we will see them up the trail?  Is it a husky?  Male?  Female?  Maybe we will make a new friend.”

The dogs always find the pee spots and the poo spots and have to stop and check them all out.  Alas we didn’t see a new friend today.  Being a holiday I thought more people would be on the trail but other than a couple of voices that came off a side trail and went on ahead of us possibly on fat bikes, we didn’t see a soul.  A nice 25 above day.

goinghomeHeading home up the road.


Pixel never stops running.  If she sees me far behind she turns and runs as fast as she can and makes an abrupt turn and runs back up the hill.  This is the only time the dogs are ahead of me.  During the whole walk they are usually behind, but going home they head up the hill quickly and up the driveway.

The fun never quits.