Update March 28: Navajo was adopted into a great home where he will be a pet and get to skijor.

Navaho is a young (1 year old) pointer mix with a calm demeanor.  I super liked this boy.  His owner said that he is extremely fast.  LOVES to sprint.  But just loses it after a couple of miles and hates when it gets warmer when he is running.  He probably needs some maturity and to learn how to better pace himself.  He likes kids and if given enough exercise would make a great pet.  He is long and lanky and underweight.  The owner said it was hard to keep weight on him, but with his short coat, if he was living outside all winter then he was probably burning all his calories to keep warm.  It will be fun to take him out for a run.

Update March 24:

We took out Navajo skijoring.  He did great as a single skijor dog.  A bit shy of passing people, but he should come around with consistent fun.  As you notice in the one picture he is missing part of his ear.  This is often seen on the pointer mixes when left outside at extreme temperatures.  Poor guy frostbit his ear off.  So hopefully he can go to a fun skijor/pet home where he can live where it is warm.  He loves to play ball.  We didn’t take him very far so didn’t see if he was affected by the warm day (in the 30’s).  He is a young pup that will mature and blossom.

Navajo1 Navajo2