Update: August 10th.  Breeze loves living in the house.  She is still on a long line as she is easily spooked but OH the joy when she knows she is going for a walk.  She now walks smartly out front with her tail wagging all the time.  I can’t wait to try and skijor with her.  I think this will really help with her trust issues.  I think she will love it.

Update: June 5th.  Breeze is doing so much better.  Getting more trusting every day.  She is so happy when she hears us bring out the leash.  She loves to go for walks!!  She is taking treats out of our hands all the time now.  We are trusting her more to run around the yard with a long line on.  I know we still couldn’t catch her if she didn’t have that line on, but she is slowly trusting us more and more.  Sweet girl.

Update: May 10th:  I’ve been totally loyal in taking Breeze out every single day for a walk.  We go 2-6 miles on the trails with some of our other dogs, or around the neighborhood on the roads by herself.  She is definitely showing her deep personality.  I have 2 leashes and collars on her.  When she hears the jingle of the leash as I go downstairs she is now coming out of her crate and waiting for me.  She takes treats out of my hands readily and when outside is often wagging her tail.  She loves dinner time and starts howling and getting all excited.  She is a bit on the chunky side so she is getting small rations right now.  She is pretty much living in the house now.  We do chain her outside for feeding time.  But she LOVES the house.  She comes right in and sleeps in an open crate.  We keep a long line on her just in case she would bolt out the door (although it would be into a fenced yard..) but she so loves being inside that I don’t think she would bolt out the door.  It might take her awhile, but I see this little girl becoming incredibly friendly and affectionate.

Update: April 25th.  We had pulled Houdini into SCL awhile back and she is indeed a Houdini.  After getting loose 3 times at her owners place and roaming the neighborhood we got her back.  She would never go far where she lived and the new owner certainly tried her best to keep her contained, but she wasn’t being accepted by the neighbors afraid of hitting her on the road.

So, she now has a new name.  It is BREEZE.  She is living at our place for now and looking for a foster home that can spend a ton of time with her.  She is a sweet little girl with a lot of fears.  Loud noises, barking dogs, cars on the road…she is spooked by a lot.  So we will be patient and kind with her.  She can undo snap hooks (she has a swedish snap now), climb a chain link fence (although she can’t jump them) and will bolt if loose. For right now she is on a swivel post although I really hate to have to chain dogs up.  But our plans are to bring her into the house a lot and take her for walks with a lot of redundancy as far as leash and collar go so she will never get away.

If anyone is interested in the challenge of seeing this little girl grow and blossom, please let us know.  I think she will turn into a very wonderful companion dog given time, attention and lots of love.  She really likes other dogs too, so a household that has another dog or two would be great.


Houdini is 2 years old.  She is extremely shy as are all her kennel mates that came in together.  She is short and squat and has never been in harness.  She will need a very patient home to bring her out of his shell.  She is outside on house A. (from Oct. 2014)