Update: Eric has been adopted.

Update May 8th: Eric, now JACK is back at the shelter.  This poor boy has been passed around enough!!  He really wants a great home where he gets some good exercise and can lay at his owners feet.  Jack is just an all around sweet boy.  He gets along with children and other dogs.  He is housebroken and loves pets.  He is gentle and loving.  He is a husky though and needs an active home where he can get exercise on a regular basis.  He does know how to climb fences so before he is bonded with you he should be watched closely if outside in a fenced yard.  This 3 year old boy would love a permanent home.

Update December: Eric (now Jack) was adopted for over a month but his energy proved too much for his new owners.  He is now neutered and totally housebroken but would love to have a fun job (skijoring?) along with being a great companion.  He is also inside at the shelter right now instead of outside.

Update 10/17/2013: Eric has been adopted!

Eric is  on house M.  He is a super sweet boy with a calm demeanor.  I love this boy.  Friendly and social he would make a great pet too!Eric