Here is a list of dogs looking for homes from a kennel that is moving to the lower 48.  Email me and I can put you in contact with them.


Houdini – 2yr, black female 40+, not spayed, no harness training, husky malamute/brown lab
Deanna – 2yr, brown female 40+, not spayed, no harness training, sister to Houdini
Luna – 4 yr, white female 50+, not spayed, runs team, shy but works hard, grandfather was a 3x YQ finisher
Jamarcus – 4 yr, gray male 70+, shy but very strong wheel dog brother to Luna
Sunshine – 5 yr, white female 40+, spayed, runs team hard worker, very friendly
Lucy – 7 yr, blonde female 30+, not spayed, high energy, happy anywhere
Burgess – 7 yr male 50+, not neutered, great all round will run up front but not single lead
Clementine – 8 yr black female, not spayed, short hair, has been in harness but tires quickly, might be ok for ski jor very friendly lab/husky cross
Lisa – 10 yr, gray female 50+, great wheel dog, still strong runner, all business, father 3x YQ finisher, mother malamute/Inuit cross
Anna – 10 yr, brown female 50+, runs team or wheel, still strong runner, sister to Lisa
Pharoah – 15 yr, back male 50+, runs anywhere, ran hist last run this past winter, very friendly, has cataracts, needs retirement home