(This is one of the first pictures I took of him.  Look how skinny he is)


(This is his latest picture taken 3-18.  He is filling out and enjoys this warm weather that we are having. )

Update 3-14-2015:  He is a trooper.  His eyesight is getting worse, but he has gained weight.  8 pounds up than when he first got here.  He sleeps most of the day except for feeding time.  Then he is animated and excited for food and treats.

Update 2-18: What a little sweetheart.  He loves to have his head and eyes rubbed, but not really into pets on the rest of his body unless you can get him right between his front legs on his belly.  Then he stands in bliss.  He has gained several pounds, being fed 3 times a day.  Every now and then he will get “manic” and start dashing around the downstairs with his little tail flying.  Always fun to see.  But yes…he is an old boy and loves his bed and his naps.

Our new little boy on his favorite dog bed.  You can see how terribly thin he is.  He sure does love to eat and we are feeding him 3 times a day.  Hoping to get his frail little body built back up.