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UPDATE: December.  Croc has been adopted!  YEAH

November 21, 2015:  Croc has been moved inside at the shelter.   Why this little girl is having a hard time finding a home, I will never know.  She doesn’t present well as she is on the shy side when first meeting you.  But once she gets to know you she is all hugs and devotion.  She doesn’t chew her blankets in the shelter but would love her own home.  She would love to be your skijor or hiking pal.  She just needs someone that will have patience with her until she bonds, then off you can go on many adventures!

November, 2015:  Croc has been at the shelter for a LONG time.  She has come a long way.  Croc can lead and I bet she would skijor with the right person.  She can be on the shy side but has come out of her shell somewhat.  I have an adorable picture of her taken by a friend with her carrying her bowl around but I’m having a hard time loading it on the page!  Hopefully I’ll get that figured out because it truly shows her great personality.  Finally got it loaded!  What a cutie girl.  I visited with her today.  She is inside at the shelter.  She is VERY short coated and needs an indoor home. Although timid, she would blossom under love and care.  And would probably love to skijor.


Croc is a female pointer mix that was brought into the shelter when her owner got out of mushing.  She is said to be a leader.  She would need a home where she can live inside because she has that very short pointer coat.  We can’t wait to get her out for a run.  Check her out on house H.

Update Sept. 10.  Croc has been at the shelter for a very long time (since May!).  She is very shy and would really love to be a skijoring dog this winter with the added bonus of living in a house.  She has a very short coat and probably gets very cold in the wintertime if left outside chained up.  She will need a lot of patience, but such a gentle girl with a great personality, hidden, just waiting for the right person.