Update April 9: Most of these boys have been adopted!  Only Bruno is still at the shelter.  He would love a quiet home.

5 dogs were released to the shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.  They are in the following posts.  Hotta, Yukon, Kobuk, Bruno and T-Bone.

Some are from the same litter.  They all need good nutrition and some will get vet care before being made available.  I think they are older than their given ages.  Some I would guess are over 10 years old.  But these boys are SUPER friendly.  I bet they would love a pet home.  But they will be learning a lot, as their whole life has been on a chain and they have never been run in harness.  This just breaks my heart for these dogs.  They certainly deserve more in their later years of life than to die on a chain without human love.  They have probably never interacted with other dogs before, although they could see their kennel mates at all times.  Where they came from there was a loose dog (who still hasn’t been caught) and there wasn’t any fighting with the loose dog.

I think these boys have great potential given the right home and willingness to work on things like going up steps, housebreaking (although I have found that huskies who have gone outside their whole lives quickly get that they don’t go to the bathroom in a house), slick floors, etc.

I do hope that some people can find it in their hearts to give one of these boys a great home for the rest of his life.