Update: May 25th.  Truffle was brought back to the shelter.  Being a pet dog was not really her preference in the home where she was.  She did not get along very well with another small dog and she chews and digs.  Well, this is just a young husky with a ton of energy.  She needs a quiet person who would love to take Truffle out on long runs and bike rides.  Hopefully she can find an appropriate forever home.

Update: Truffle was adopted.  She was doing so much better with lots of attention and making her comfortable around people.  I hope that it works out and she becomes a very happy girl.

Update: January 2017.  Truffle has been at the shelter for a very long time (since September 2016!).  She has come a long long way.  The staff and volunteers have been working with her and she is coming out of her shell.  She is now inside at the shelter and loves being warm.  She will need a loving person but I think Truffle will make a great pet/skijor dog if given the chance.

This pup was a stray that wandered into another musher’s dog yard.  She is shy but very very sweet.  Petite.  She has her dew claws.  If you know her owner please contact them and tell them she is at the shelter.  House A.

Update Sept. 9th.  Truffle is available for adoption.