UPDATE!  I was wrong about the broken tail.  That was Spider!

So here is a picture without his cone.  He is healing up and ready for a home.  He is a very friendly boy with lots of personality.

Update: March 22:  Grasshopper has a broken tail so looks like he will have   to have it docked.  Poor pup!  So he is off the shelter website and unavailable until he gets treated.

Grasshopper.  One of 4 pointer mixes brought to the shelter because his owner couldn’t care for them any longer.  The one mix got adopted, but the other 3 are waiting for love!  Grasshopper has frostbitten ears.  He is very very thin with a scabby place on his back.  This boy is grateful to be at the shelter and finally warm.  He is so very sweet.  I would love to take all 3 of these siblings.  I bet they would make a fantastic skijor team, yet want to lay in a warm house and sleep at your feet.  At 1.5 years old, these pups will want to devote their lives to you and to adventure.