Update: March 28:  Spider was adopted.  YEAH!

UPDATE:  Spider is available,and although still wearing a cone, his one ear has healed nicely and he is available for adoption.

Update: March 22.  Spider is off the shelter website as his ears need more treatment and tender care.  So he is being treated and will be available once he is healthy.  Poor pup.

This is Spider.  A pointer mix dropped off at the shelter with his litter mates Ladybug and Grasshopper.  What a nice nice dog.  But, the 2 boys have some fairly severe frostbite (why I hate to see these pointer mixes in the interior having to live outside at 40 below…) thus their cones.  Their ears are wrapped and Spider’s tail is all wrapped up due to flinging blood from a frostbitten tail.  They will heal.  And their spirits are wonderful.  So thin and not well taken care of, these dogs love people and are gentle and easy to love.  He is 1.5 years old and never been in harness.  He seems to be doing well inside at the shelter.  He is probably grateful to be warm.  He needs time to heal and get weight on his very thin frame, but will make a great pet/skijor dog.