Update March 16: Nebesna is in foster care with The Second Chance League.  If you are interested in him please email me off this site.  Yea!


Update March 5: new picture.  He is doing good at the shelter.  Comes to you when you call him.  He is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

UPDATE: Feb. 26: Nebesna was taken to the shelter.  He has been neutered and totally checked out.  He is adapting to shelter life and actually coming out of his shell a bit.  I really like this boy.  I think he has tremendous potential as a skijor dog/pet if given lots of exercise and love.  I put a half harness on him today and he pulled out in front of me around the yard.  He was very interested in all the smells, but the fact that he went out in front of her with confidence made my heart sing.  He will need a very gentle hand.  He is a great dog.

Nabesna is not at the shelter.  I met him today and fell instantly in love with this shy dog.  He comes from fabulous mushing lines, but he doesn’t want to be a sled dog.  His life has been on a chain and we are looking for a foster for him or a permanent home.  Although shy, I could tell that he would be your best friend within weeks if you spend quiet gentle time with him.  He is very curious and in awe of all that is around him.  It will take patience and perserverance for this boy, but oh the rewards when you find you have a devoted companion.  He is short coated so should transition into a house happily.  Although never being in a house he will be a bit scared of all the new experiences.  Once he gets over his initial excitement about being on a leash, it is said that he walks well and loves to discover new things.  I sure hope someone can give this boy a chance.  He is not neutered right now, but we can arrange that. He is 4 years old. Thanks!