Update: Butter was adopted!  She is now with her brother Peanut.

Update: Peanut has been adopted!

update: Jelly (middle pic) has been pulled into The Second Chance League as a foster.

Update: March 21.  We ran these 3 pups in teams today.  Wow!!  They did great.  They are all extremely thin but they sure love to go.  Don’t know where they get the energy from their skinny bodies.  Peanut and Butter ran next to each other in the first team.  Peanut seemed to get a bit more tired but both of them were hard on the line with beautiful lopes.  These 3 dogs would make an awesome skijor team.  We ran Jelly in the 2nd team.  She is the skinniest but that little girl sure loves to go.  Just all out.  And they were SO happy.  At the shelter they are timid, but they really blossomed when they knew they would run.  Loved pets and always wagging their tails.  All 3 are very picky eaters at the shelter.  They are going to take a lot of extra TLC to put weight on them.  They deserve a home where they don’t have to be chained up and I know they want to become part of your household.

Peanut is the black boy.  Butter and Jelly are girls.  These dogs are YOUNG pointer mixes from the same litter.  I love love love these dogs!!  They are petite and would be easy to handle for a small team or a skijor team.  These dogs SO want to be loved.  They are approachable and I know with a little time and attention these pups would be your life long friend.  Peanut is way more social than the girls, but the girls love pets and gentle conversation.  I can see this group as a fast 3 dog skijor team.  And with their short coats I know they would love to live in a warm house.  All 3 are very thin so will need some TLC to get their weight up.  They had been running in 6 and 10 dog teams.