HELP!  Jan. 16:  We are in need of a new foster/forever home for these 2 boys.  ASAP! Please email  and let me know. Thanks.

Update Dec. 21: These 2 boys are thriving.  They can be loose run and come when called.  Red is very focused when he is in a team.  Loves to run.  Pedro can be a bit distracted but he is such a GREAT dog.  Both dogs are so friendly.  They are very easy also…loving being outside and playing, but they go into their crates because it is comfortable and warm while inside.  They are “no trouble” dogs and will fit in with any active family.

Update Dec. 7: What super great dogs these are!!  Their foster person got them out skijoring with some different people.  Red is awesome.  Not afraid of the skis and runs well with another dog. Straight down the trail, focused and driven.  He desperately wants to be with a person.  He would make an awesome pet/skijor dog/hiking companion.  He is getting along well with a dozen other dogs (free running around the fenced yard) and often when he comes in the house he goes in a crate and lays down. He is super chill.

Pedro wasn’t quite as focused as Red.  He liked to stop and check things out along the trail, but when he was moving he was fast and driven.  He is goofy and just wants a human to love.  Another dog that would make a great pet.  Comes when he is called.  Just wants to be with you.

Update Dec 4: Red and Pedro have been pulled into The Second Chance League.  If you are interested in either of these boys you can contact   

I’ll keep updates as the boys progress in their new foster home and all the training they will be getting.

Update: Nov. 25: I took Red and Pedro (one at a time) out for a skijor.  These dogs, along the way, have lost all of their confidence.  They just want to hug you and be by your side.  Red DID go though skijoring.  Took awhile for him to understand it was OK to be out in front of me on skis, but once he did he ran nicely.  He thought it was great that he could sniff stuff along the trail, but I kept him focused and we did a nice half mile loop.  Pedro, on the other hand, didn’t want to go at all.  He wanted to hug me as I’m skiing along with him by my side.  He didn’t want to go out front.  I really want to try these 2 together because it does take a special dog to want to skijor by themselves.  Either of these dogs would make GREAT pets as they are so friendly and loving.  Just give them some good exercise and you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion.

Not the best pictures!  I’ll go back and get better ones soon.

Red and Pedro are top of the line sprint dogs.  They are both 5 years old.  They were brought in because their musher did not have time for them.  They are both wonderfully friendly dogs with a lot of personality.  They aren’t hyper or high strung, but being pointer/husky mixes they will need a lot of exercise to be happy dogs.  Pedro is said to be a leader.  Hopefully we will get some snow.  I would LOVE to get these 2 boys out skijoring.  I bet they would make a wonderful 2 dog team, fast and sleek, yet would want to be laying at your feet in a warm house after a day on the snow. They both had some teeth problems which were fixed and pulled.  Such nice dogs.