Update: Richard is going to The Second Chance League.  YEAH!  He went to his new home today (Tuesday).  Such a nice Thanksgiving gift for him.  He will have a great home.

Update: Jackie got adopted!  I took out Richard today skijoring.  He is the nicest dog!!  Loves people.  And he loves to run.  He jumped right in the car and loved to ride. On the way back from skijoring he fell asleep stretched across the back seat.  He was afraid of my poles at first and really pancaked.  Then came and sat on my lap.  He LOVES to cuddle.  But once I got my skis on and carefully grabbed my poles, OFF we went.  He loved to go.  He had no qualms about being up front all by himself.  We only did about 3/4 mile at Creamers and he doesn’t know his commands but he has great potential.  He is out of shape and a bit overweight, but this dog is going to make someone an ideal pet/skijor/hiking pal.  He also takes treats VERY gently out of your hand.

Richard after running.  Blurry but OH is this boy ever sweet!

Richard (house C) and his daughter Jackie (house G) came from the same kennel.  They are delightful traditional huskies.  And young!  Richard is 2 years old and Jackie is 1 year.  Both have tremendous potential for a nice skijor team that will take you through any weather.  They are super nice dogs that take treats nicely and don’t leap and jump on you!