Update:  8-23  Ah Beckett…..he was returned as the people didn’t think they had the financial means to have a dog.  Big Bummer.  He is a sweet active boy looking for a great home.

Update: 8-21   After many months of a community of people trying to find this dog a home where he would find his calling….it has happened.  Beckett was adopted on 8-21.  So happy to hear this.

The info: Beckett is a 4 year old intact male, born 10/2/2015. He weighs about 43 lbs. He has a short coat and a cute pink nose. He does best in a team position. He had a full blood workup done about a year ago; everything checked out normal. Beckett is up to date on all his vaccines.
The good: Beckett is a very sweet boy who LOVES people. Loves, loves, loves. He also skijors well. I’ve run him next to another dog and solo, and he does well at both. I really appreciate that Beckett will wait patiently for me to attach my skis when we are harnessed up as opposed to some dogs who are constantly yanking on the line and make it impossible for us to even get started. He is an enthusiastic puller, has lots of energy, a good appetite, and is eager to run. Beckett would do amazingly well as a hiking/skijor/low mileage mushing buddy for an active person.
The less good: On occasion, Beckett has gone after the dog next to him on the line if it is a male. He is intact currently, and I can have him neutered if desired. But this isn’t the reason we are looking to rehome him. Beckett doesn’t have the stamina or speed to keep up with the rest of our sled dogs. He would do best in a home that either lets him be a skijor/hiking dog or, if it is a mushing home, one that doesn’t go more than about 15 miles and no faster than about 7 mph. This has made it very difficult for us to take him on dog runs as we are generally going farther and faster than he can do.
Beckett is not house trained, but I think with patience and an experienced trainer, he could figure it out fast. He rides in the car well.
So if anyone is looking to try out a new dog with some of their newfound free time, I’d be happy to meet them (in a proper socially distant manner) and let them take Beckett for a home trial or even just a trial run at ADMA or wherever else they might want to meet. I am happy to answer any other questions via Facebook messenger, text, or email. Please share with anyone who might be looking for a sweet dog to add to their life, thank you!