UPDATE: April 28th:  WOW!!!  Smokey, Bloodline and Friskie all have a new home.  Bella will have a great home IF she doesn’t chase cats. The foster is looking for someone with a cat to see Bella’s reaction.

GEEGA : Is still looking for a home.  I love this boy.  He is reserved but you can tell he just wants a lot of love.  He has been bikejoring twice now and is a powerhouse.  He would make a great skijor dog and love to live inside when not having outdoor fun.

GRACIE:  Is still looking for a home.  WOW!!!  If you want a DRIVEN dog that has a ton of energy this is the girl for you.  She is super friendly.  Loves people.  Loves to bikejor by herself or with another dog.  She is tiny and petite but has a lot of power in that little body.  She would be great with a runner/skier who can get her out on a daily basis to keep her happy.

Update April 23: I met with all these dogs today.  WOW.  They are great.  A couple are on the shy side.  Bella is probably the most shy.  But she is very young and will need a patient hand, she should come around with kindness.  K. said that some friends came over last night and took all the dogs out bikejoring and they all did great!!  These dogs have probably never even seen a bike.  All are hard pullers and love to go.

STUDENT POSTERS for homing village dogs with contact info

These dogs came from a musher in the villages who had to leave town due to the coronavirus (family back east I guess) and didn’t really want her dogs to remain in the village.  All the school kids who had been working with these dogs did this poster and wrote up the descriptions.  These dogs are now in FAIRBANKS…..if anyone is interested please contact the person on the poster.  Thanks!