Update: Ruby and Monkey have been adopted.

UPDATE:  June 1: Diego and Hercules got adopted.  Loco is in a foster home.  Still looking for homes for Ruby and Monkey.

These dogs are well socialized and love people!  They are looking for great homes.  Although they are a bit older, they are very healthy.  All are spayed or neutered.

Here is what the owner says about them.  (Loco is white dog in 2 of the pictures.).  Diego is in the picture on the dog bed with Loco.  Ruby is laying outside in the sun.  Monkey is the brown dog, inside picture.

Please contact steve.vick@gmail.com  if you are interested.


Male | Neutered | 11 years old

Diego is a stoic and mellow old boy who loves hanging on the couch and is also good in a pen or on a swivel. He likes walks and hikes. He is usually good of leash, but has upon occasion wandered off. He gets along well with other dogs. Though not sure about cats. He likes affection but is not necessarily a cuddler.

He has no interest in being a sled dog any more. So if you are looking for a dog to skijor or bikejor with, he wouldn’t be a good fit. But he likes hiking, car rides and couch time. He is a great companion dog.


Female | Spayed | 11 years old

Loco has a funny personality and likes to be pampered. She is great indoors and outdoors. She likes hiking but needs to be on a leash. She can wander off and has very poor sense of direction. She is great with kids and other dogs. We use to take her to all our school presentations. She really knows how to work a crowd. She likes affection but isn’t much of a cuddler.

She would make a good running and hiking buddy. She definitely needs her outdoor time so a pen for her during the day and a couch at night is her perfect life.

Monkey & Ruby

Male, Female | Neutered, Spayed | 10 years old | Siblings

These two dogs are brother and sister and have been together their whole lives. So we plan to adopt them out together. Both are good lead dogs and are still up for being sled dogs. Monkey is good for 10-12 mile runs. Ruby is slowing down and prefers 5-6 mile runs.

They are good off leash and make great hiking buddies. They love car rides too.

They are great indoors and outdoors. Very friendly and good with kids. No cats or small dogs (Monkey will chase them).